Sunday, August 15, 2010

So it begins

August 15th, 2010
We just sent out our new short, 12, to about a dozen festivals. Exciting and scary. We will probably do more work on the film before it is really finished, but deadlines were looming for some fests that it would be exciting to see "12" in.

I am hoping to have a special sneak peek/cast & crew event in the near future in NC. Still working out those details. Then I will make "12" available for 12 hours online for those interested in seeing it and can't make the sneak peek party. I expect it all to be happening in October, when the weather has cooled and the festival season has begun.

If you would like to stay up with our new short, the website is

In other news, submissions are now open for The Blue Sky Film Festival. This new fest will be Feb. 4-6, 2011 in Chapel Hill, NC. We are lookinf for independent, edgy and incredible films from the four corners of the globe. Shorts, features, narratives and documentaries are all welcome. For a film festival submission form, go to our site, The festival is going to be a nice compliment to the cool Carrboro Film Festival, which focuses on homegrown talent and short films. They are accepting films right now also, go to to learn more.

As if that isn't enough, our web series, Finish Line, is gaining momentum. We post a new episode every two weeks. This series poses the question, "What happens when you die?" This may sound like a downer subject, but it really is uplifting, the interviewees are very candid in their answers and they share opinions and thoughts from all angles and beliefs.

I recently was able to get an interview with Tim LaFollett thanks to my friends Blake Faucet and Andy Coon and Tim himself. Tim has ALS and is the subject of Blake and Andy's incredible web series "Often Awesome". I highly recommend the series, it is moving, powerful and rewarding. I expect to have Tim's episode of Finish Line up in a month or so.

It is an honor to work on Finish Line and be the facilitator of these interviews. Go here to watch and think a bit about what will happen to all of us when we cross the big finish line of life.

Well I guess that's about it for this Sunday morning note. As I sit outside listening to live music on the Weaver Street lawn, i have breast feeding Moms to my right, footlose Bruce dancing to my left. Carrboro is a lovely place to live.

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