Thursday, July 21, 2011

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About this project
Welcome to Kickstarter! We need YOUR help to make this documentary a reality! This is an all or nothing proposition so either we meet our goal or we get nothing and you won't be charged a penny. Please take a look at the backers rewards on the right and pick something out at a funding level that's right for you!
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Nic and Steve
What’s this documentary about?

We're glad you asked!

It’s about Steve Marshall, a professional magician who has been living his childhood dream of entertaining children of all ages, all over the world, for more than 30 years.

It’s about choosing one thing and sticking with it, believing in it, practicing it, and learning how to adapt so you can live your dream.

It’s about change that comes unexpectedly and forces you to really think about your life, make changes, adapt, and continue on.
OK, you got me… tell me more!

In 1998, Steve Marshall packed up everything he had in Florida and moved to Japan to continue his already successful career as a comedy magician while, at the same time, having to adjust to a totally different culture. He has been living and performing there ever since.

Japan has given Steve so many opportunities and today he can add published author, actor, director, songwriter and painter to his resume. As a matter of fact, Steve also achieved celebrity status in Japan appearing in national TV commercials and TV shows both as a magician and a comedic character actor. One show that Steve was a guest on, he was called the “Ambassador of Magic from the USA,” a name that he has been associated with ever since.

The recent earthquake in Japan affected the lives of many. Although Steve and his family were safe, immediately following the earthquake all of Steve’s work was cancelled. Fortunately, he was able to book shows in the USA, and for three weeks, he returned with his family to Florida. During this time he also added a new title to his resume, magic lecturer.

In September of this year, Steve will be returning to the USA for his first major tour of his home country in almost 14 years. He'll start in Florida and travel up the East coast doing a few public shows and 17 lectures for different magician's organizations. Steve will be accompanied by his friends and fellow RIngling Bros. Clown College alumni, Billy Scadlock and Nic Beery. As a matter of fact, in the early 80's, Steve and Nic drove almost the same route as this tour will take when they were clowns on the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

"Sayonara to Hello" is a documentary that will chronicle Steve Marshall as he makes his way back to the USA, performing, presenting magic lectures, and continuing his career in the country of his birth where, today, he almost feels like a foreigner. The film will also parallel the first major tour that he ever took as a Ringling Brothers clown fresh out of Clown College in 1983. With archived footage of that tour, combined with his present journey, this documentary will dig deep into what it takes to succeed 30 years in a profession that is far from what most people would consider “normal.”

OK! How can I help?

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Shooting and editing a documentary like this takes a lot of time and money to produce in the right way. Award winning filmmaker Nic Beery, from Beery Media in North Carolina, has agreed to take a month and bring all of his equipment on the road with Steve to film everything that happens on this tour. We need your help to cover production costs and Nic’s expenses while he is on the road.

Candid, humorous and inspiring, "Sayonara to Hello" needs your help to become a reality. Please donate generously to help us bring this project to life. Every penny will go to the production of the film. There are many thank you gifts on this page, listed to the right, so please take a look at the list and choose the one that's right for you.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reel Hypnosis

Part comedy, part experimental, part found sound. This five minute short is unlike anything you have ever seen or heard.

Featuring the voices of all four Beatles and is the acting debut of the cutest rat terrier in the world, Maggie Beery.

If you like dogs, The Beatles, humorous films, beautifully shot films, quirky stories, German Beer Hall music, old Reel to Reel recorders, listening to someone being hypnotized (and who doesn't love all of these things?) - then you are sure to love this new and different film.

Please watch, enjoy, comment, share. Thanks!

Produced by Nic Beery for