Sunday, November 29, 2009

Robot Monkey Head and National Inclusion Project featuring Clay Aiken

Robot Monkey Head from John Hadfield on Vimeo.

John Hadfield, a buddy from Clown College, had Ish and I come up to Newark, Delaware over Halloween weekend and we shot this crazy music video. Great people, great food, great fun. From what John tells me, it already has been seen online in over 35 countries. That's a lot of countries! More info on John and his cool live shows here

National Inclusion Project from nic beery on Vimeo.

This is the National Inclusion Project Capital Campaign video that produced this summer. Ish and I traveled to Boston and Raleigh for the shoots. Jay Manley did the terrific instrumental music. It premiered at the October 17th "Champions' Gala" and I am happy to report that NIP and Clay Aiken raised over $250,000 for the foundation.

Thanks to Kristy Barnes, Clay Aiken, Gerry Aiken, and Aaron, it was great working with you and getting to know you. Much continued success to NIP!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A November to be Thankful

Well we did it! I really didn't expect it to happen so soon, but EVERY SHORT we made this year has won an award. Yep, Our Doc MELTING OF THE GLOBE won the Audience Award for Best Doc at The Secret City Film Festival.

Then, FRAME, our coming of age short narrative (female version) won Best Drama at The Seguin Film Festival.

And to finish off, our newest short, the other coming of age short narrative (male version) BEN PICKLE, won Best Short at The Ava Gardner Film Festival.

So, I'm thinking, nothing else can happen, right? Well last Friday night I get the Nashville they announced the nominees for this years regional EMMY's. Yes sir ree, we snagged a nom for Sarah Huck's Choking Game PSA. We were honored to help her produce this important spot.

Lucky us. Doing what we love and finding audiences all over the world.

Thank you all who voted for our little, sweet films. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just your normal October 'round here.

It's been quite a nice ride this summer and fall. We just wrapped the Clay Aiken National Inclusion Project Gala. It was an extraordinary time, producing two videos profiling special needs children and creating a very emotional video on the need for inclusion. Videos will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

On the indie film scene, our short, FRAME, continues to do well on the international festival circuit. Film festival submissions continue to go out. we even have begun to get requests to submit from festivals. A good feeling for sure. Frame will be seen this weekend in Seguin Texas for example. If you haven't seen it, here it is, in its entirety, for you to enjoy online;

Frame from nic beery on Vimeo.

Now, the other little something we have been working on is ready for your eyes. Ben Pickle, the story of one boy, one summer day and one incredible imagination. Again, here's the whole thing, the Sweet Gherkin cut;

Ben Pickle - The Sweet Gherkin Cut from nic beery on Vimeo.

We are in the process of getting film festival submissions out on this one as well. Discussion for a sequel has already begun. It's exciting because big film industry names such as Spike Jonze, Tim Burton, Chris Jones, and Robert Rodriguez have all shown no interest in this film.

I hope you enjoy these two beautiful pictures. Very different, but similar in many ways.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Delima

I have been asked by IMDB to post trailers or complete films online. I like this idea, folks can watch my shorts right there. The delima is, where do I put my films? YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, IMDB? All of these, some of these...

At this moment I am leaning towards posting my shorts everywhere people want them. Vimeo is my site of choice, best quality, easiest access. But YouTube has the longest reach to the world, most people, like it or not, still go to YouTube first.

Then there is the cool factor of faceBook. Friends can comment and it really spreads like wild fire. So I like that too.

Vimeo and IMDB have a hip factor. Then there are specialty sites like Shooting People, Ticklebooth, Squiglebooth...oh my.

Here's my Veronica Always page on IMDB -
Here's my Mad Tea Party page on IMDB, I posted the "Meet Lora Pendleton" portion of the doc on there -

Friday, October 2, 2009

Meet Lora Pendleton

Meet Lora Pendleton from nic beery on Vimeo.

Lora P. is a wonderful and talented person. We produced this short in 2006 and I just had an itch to upload it.

Enjoy. Comment, Rock out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

1st Minute of Pickle

Ben Pickle - 1st Minute of the Film from nic beery on Vimeo.

We feel comfortable enough with the first minute of Ben Pickle to show it to you. The other 11 minutes are still being polished, but should be dill enough for the October 18th sneak peek at Carrboro's Artscenter filmmaker panel, 3pm. All are encouragd to come out and see a few shorts and ask questions in hopes of pithy answers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 2009 update

Hi. A lot has been happening this summer. I am happy that I am working with the National Incusion Project on their fall Capital Campaign. NIP was founded by American Idol alum Clay Aiken and he is a fun, smart and creative guy. The video shoot took us to Boston and Raleigh, NC. We are focusing on kids with special needs and how important it is to include them with typical kids in every possible way. The stories we captured are inspiring and I am looking forward to sharing the video with you in October.

In other work related news, I Christine Kittilstad and I have been contracted to do the award videos for the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials again. A great group, and it is always interesting to see what is happening with our American transportation system. You may remember I produced the "50th Anniversary of the Interstate Highway System" a few years back for them. Watch it here -

Interstate 50th - from nic beery on Vimeo.

On the Indie film front, "Frame" continues to screen at festivals world wide. I am looking forward to its play in TN on October 10th at the "Secret City Film Festival". They will also be showing my short doc, "Melting of the Globe - Jay Manley and his Saraswati Guitar". Wow.

Trailer for Melting of the Globe - Jay Manley & his Saraswati Guitar from nic beery on Vimeo.

"Frame" Trailer from nic beery on Vimeo.

September 26th sees the start of Century Center Cinema's new season. I'll be screening "Globe" and "MelloDrama", two music docs that are fun, lively, and informative. More info at

My summer fun film, "Ben Pickle" is in post production. It's the story of a 12 year old boy who has quite an imagination. Think, "Scrubs" and "The Wonder Years" meets "The Wizard of Oz", and you'll have sort of an idea of what it's going to be like. The acting is wonderful, the script is whacked, and my friend Ish Abdelkhalek is going above and beyond with the special effects. Just wait til you see my head get whacked off for writing the script in the first place. I kid you not, that is part of the movie. Look for it to premiere on December 12th at CCCinema as the opening act before "A Christmas Story", Jean Shepard's wonderfully funny holiday classic.

While I'm filling you in on as many updates as possible in this too infrequent post, I might as well brag that Todd Tinkham, Ajit Prem and myself were awarded the "Filmmaker Award" in July's Independent Weekly Newspaper. Read it here -

I just finished a wonderful "Artist Profile" on Jane Filer. She is incredible, and so are her paintings. You can watch the profile here -

Jane Filer Artist Profile Produced by from nic beery on Vimeo.

On September 12th in Queens, NY, The Sunnyside Film Festival will screen my lovely short found footage film, "Which Way?". Great soundtrack by my dear friends Anne and Grahame.

Which Way? from nic beery on Vimeo.

Speaking of Anne and Grahame, they will be coming to Carrboro, NC on September 20th for the Carrboro Music Festival. It is a day of free music all over town. 150 bands. C'mon over!

Secretly Sorry -The Crowd Scene Version from nic beery on Vimeo.

Well, that's almost everything. School is back in session and fall is sneaking in with a week of 70 degree days here in Carrboro. I hope all of you are well and being creative and happy.

Til we meet in person or online,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Frame is playing Cannes!!!!

I just received word that Beery Media's latest short film, Frame, will be playing this week in Cannes. This is a huge milestone for me and this film.

The details are such, I submitted my film to a fringe group called "Cannes in a Van". This is a hip group of Londoners who for several years now, drive a van to a parking lot in the middle of Cannes, open the back doors and show films to the Cannes attendees. It has caught on and gotten a lot of industry attention. I am being told that studio executives and other industry insiders pay attention to this out of the box programming.

Here's the link, follow their blog;

Wow! I am very happy with the effect this film is having on festival programmers. I want to thank you all for your support over the years, it means an awful lot. i do hope all of you are well.

More on Frame can be found here;

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Melt that Globe

Field photo from the performance sequence of my new doc. look for the doc to be out to the world in june or july. There will be a sneak peek at the Full Frame Documentary party May 17th.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cincy Fringe Festival

The Cincinnati Fringe Film Festival loves my girlfriend! They will be screening "I Love My Girlfriend" twice in prime time during their great festival. full details here;

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Choking Game PSA

The Choking Game 60 Second PSA from nic beery on Vimeo.

This is the PSA BeeryMedia helped produce and edited. We hope this PSA gets out to everyone, please spread information about this deadly game.

Monday, April 27, 2009

"Frame" out in the world.

"Frame" Trailer from nic beery on Vimeo.

We have been very busy the last few months. Our new short, Frame premiered to a standing room audience in Carrboro, Nic was again the volunteer coordinator for The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, which went over very well with over 20,000 attendees, and our documentary, “Melting of the Globe”, is now in post production.

Have a great summer!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Video Blog From The Magnolia Independent Film Festival from nic beery on Vimeo.
Boy with the wet thumb screened at the 12th annual Magnolia Independent Film Festival in Starkville, MS February 21st, 2009.

This is a video blog we made. I was so wrapped up in the fest that I didn't pull out the camera until the final morning.

Loved the festival committee, they treated us royally. Met several filmmakers and really stood in awe of their talent. Thanks to Elaine, Rob, Charlotte at the festival. Hi to Anthony and Eric, and thanks for being a part of this blog. I hope people get that the interviews are supposed to look cheesy!

Visit Cross-eyed film page
Visit boy with the wet thumb
film page