Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Delima

I have been asked by IMDB to post trailers or complete films online. I like this idea, folks can watch my shorts right there. The delima is, where do I put my films? YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, IMDB? All of these, some of these...

At this moment I am leaning towards posting my shorts everywhere people want them. Vimeo is my site of choice, best quality, easiest access. But YouTube has the longest reach to the world, most people, like it or not, still go to YouTube first.

Then there is the cool factor of faceBook. Friends can comment and it really spreads like wild fire. So I like that too.

Vimeo and IMDB have a hip factor. Then there are specialty sites like Shooting People, Ticklebooth, Squiglebooth...oh my.

Here's my Veronica Always page on IMDB -
Here's my Mad Tea Party page on IMDB, I posted the "Meet Lora Pendleton" portion of the doc on there -

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