Friday, November 7, 2008

Election, DC style

photos by Bill Elias and Larry VanDerVeen

Bill Elias and I went to DC to work election week. Bill behind a camera and i directing some of the three camera news programs. It was a blast. The foreign bureaus we worked for were from England, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Germany and a few other spots around this blue globe of ours.

The White House is the magnet that draws everyone to the same spot on the roof of my former employer, Mobile Video Services. It was nice to go back and be with old friends.

In other news, "Boy with the wet thumb" has been selected to screen at this years Carrboro Film Festival. I am excited about this, since it is the first year I have not been directly involved with the fest and am eligible to have one of my shorts in this really cool fest. Come out to the Century Center on November 23rd!

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