Friday, October 17, 2008

America in the old days

Which Way? from nic beery on Vimeo.

This is a song film. It's the story of one woman's search for a friend and for herself. She looks many, many places, over many decades. Some of the places she looks are the Grand Canyon, Kalamazoo College, New York City and a native american reservation. The footage spans many decades from the last century.

The song was written in 1983 by Anne Rogers and recorded in 2008 by her band, "The Crowd Scene". 8mm films were shot by a Falls Church, VA family while on a U.S. vacation in the 1940's. Sold at an estate sale in 2003. NYC footage shot by the filmmaker, circa 1997. Song film produced in 2008. All together it's almost 70 years in the making...and worth the wait."

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song ©2008 Anne Rogers. Film ©2008 Nic Beery

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